A Tale for Young and Old told by my imaginary friend Herman. A 6" man who stows away on the Kayak Man's kayak.

It is through Herman's eyes in which my feelings and thoughts of Life, are told in this true to life story


The Origin of Herman

Where did the Idea of Herman originate?

a. Alone at sea - Many miles from land, where only the sounds of North Pacific Humpback Whales singing and breathing fill the atmosphere above and below.

b. More than 4 decades having logged over 30,000 miles of kayaking throughout the Hawaiian Archipelago.

c. Meditative moments within the cockpit of my Eskimo Expedition Sea Kayak -- days and nights drifting between the islands of Maui, Molokai, Lanai and Kahoolawe while the songs and breathing of North Pacific Humpback whales take my soul in acceptance.

With notebook, pen and headlamp, within my kayak-- during the mid night hour’s miles from land I write. Thoughts, ideas, and of course at sometime during those peaceful moments “Herman” was created while drifting upon the seas of the world.

Perhaps I needed someone to talk to -- to share this experience of life with Nature/the Sea – someone to be with. A place and time few if any will ever experience.

For the first time, The Kayak Man’s inner feelings and thoughts of the value of each breath, are revealed through Herman’s eyes.

Chapter one: Carried by the Wind
Chapter Two: Stow A Way
Chapter Three: Discovered
Chapter Four: A way of Life – The Beginning
Chapter Five: Shark – Aumakua
Chapter Six: I Earn My Keep
Chapter Seven: Camping
Chapter Eight: Man Overboard
Chapter Nine: The Kayak Man
Chapter Ten: I feel Accepted
Chapter Eleven: Over the Side Again
Chapter Twelve: Surprise? Surprise? Surprise?
Chapter Thirteen Face to Face with Whales
Chapter Fourteen Symphony of Whales
Chapter Fifteen Mother and Calf come together
Chapter Sixteen Dolphins, Seals and Turtles
Chapter Seventeen Farewell, Aloha

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