Richard Roshon: A Sampling of Philosophies

On His Life:

"I look at my life's work as being an ambassador for nature, for nature can only speak out through extinction".

. .

"I feel that my life is on a different level from most of society. I live in balance and respect, and in peace with the outdoors. I Walk Lightly and Leave no Footprints. When I leave a beach, I leave it in respect, by leaving no footprints, trash or other marks common to mankind.

On Appreciating and Being One with Nature:

"All life's questions can be answered in nature, if you know when and how to ask"

"The Hawaiian Archipelago is my sanctuary, laboratory and a place where being with the sea brings me peace of mine and creativity".

On Urban Environment:

"It is unfortunate with an ever-growing population that many must live in concrete jungles and think nothing of how the grass grows, the quiet sounds of the wind blowing through the trees, or the beauty and peacefulness that open space can bring to an individual".

To Truly Believe in Something:

"I feel that the hardest thing to do is to TRULY believe in something. Believing is to live each and everyday, with each and every breathe. People go to church on Sunday. But do they practice their beliefs seven days a week? Daily news brings horror stories of suicide bombers. As dreadful as it may be, their belief in what they do is far beyond our realm.

On Willingness to be Passionate:

"I believe there are a lot of people who are passionate. The unfortunate thing about it is that they keep their passion to themselves." This world is at a point where each and every individual must bring the passion of society forward.

On the Pace of Life:

"Indigenous cultures of the past were and still today are the roots and foundation of life. A life, connecting with their natural surroundings and taking time out for themselves, built a foundation, through conversation, beliefs and the sense of touch".

On Noise and Multi-Tasking:

"I believe it to be unfortunate that societies have lost and at times are frightened of the quiet. A realm in which nature needs to survive. Believe it or not, we the human-species also need quiet, but unfortunately have not the time for those moments. Quiet moments that enable us to put things in perspective, to suddenly stop and listen to our own heartbeat".

"I recently read "Americans have forgotten to talk and laugh". Society is locked up into some many things at one time, I feel we are loosing the true value of life, which is not - richardhow much money you have in your pocket". Focus on one thing. When talking to a close friend, turn off the phone, and devote your time to that friend at that moment - for you never know that moment may never occur again."

On Making a Difference in the World:

"I imagine that no matter where you live, there is something you can do for the environment or world in general. Don't try to save the world because there is too much out there to try to save. Focus on one thing, and do it with passion and dedication".

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it's the only thing that ever has". Margaret Mead.